Kite Train

Our chain of kites is a wonderful color supplement for various events. Its ideal placement is between lamps or telescopic rods. The size of kites can vary as well as the number of kites in the chain. Kites fly beautifully in the wind and form a beautiful hanging decoration in the windless environment. If you are interested, we will make this decoration even in your company style!


  • two sizes of kites: 50 x 50 cm or 70 x 80 cm with long tails
  • unlimited number of kites in the chain
  • in the windless environment, this chain of kites is a wonderful static decorative element
  • your corporate style applicable to decoration (printing or color fabrics)
  • attached between two fixed points
  • our fabrics are resistant to tensile, abrasion, UV radiation and weather conditions
  • decoration is also durable in extreme weather conditions
  • year-round application
  • outdoor / indoor
  • developed and produced under the SoGo event decoration brand inSlovakia!